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Friday, October 4, 2013

Sleeping Beauty

Even on it's most dreary days, Bordeaux, France, nicknamed 'Sleeping Beauty', lives up to its name. Believe us, it was dreary for our entire stay. We went from downpour to drizzle to torrential downpour again and again. When we left the city limits on day trips we'd catch a spot of sun, but the clouds seemed to linger over Bordeaux, and I don't think we'd have it any other way.

During our time in Bordeaux we really enjoyed the farmer's market, yes another one. This time there was a twist! We'd heard that the locals gather on Saturday morning for breakfasts of raw oysters and white wine, and this just sounded too good to pass up on. We had ourselves a breakfast of raw oysters and shrimp, white wine and beer. Can't say it was the most palatable, but it was quite the experience!

Within Bordeaux we really enjoyed wandering and bumping into the fountains and artwork strewn throughout the city. Here are some of our favorites:

We also enjoyed a magnificent church in Bordeaux, the Cathedral St. Andre. It was much more plain and simple in its decoration compared to the churches in Italy. We also loved it for its stained glass, which seems to be another motif in French churches.

With Bordeaux as our homebase, we also made day trips to the town of St. Emillion and to the Dune du Pyla. The town of St. Emillion is famous for its winery storefronts. Bordeaux and its surrounding areas are famous for wine, and a lot of the family owned wineries that have been around for more than a century operate storefronts out of St. Emillion. It was a little more boutique-y than what we had in mind, but the town itself was a gorgeous place to wander around for an afternoon.

The Dune du Pyla is the largest sand dune in Europe. It sits between a pine forest and the Atlantic Ocean. It's massive, almost too much to take in in one gander. We enjoyed trekking to find quiet spot and plopping down and taking it in. 

We hated to leave the south of France, but on to sunnier places! Next up, Spain.


Will and Katie

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