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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Five stars for Cinque Terre

We are absolutely in love with Cinque Terre. Even though tourists probably outnumber locals 10 to 1, it's been our most outdoorsy and pristine stop yet. 

We started off our time in Cinque Terre with a bang! We rode out a pretty electric lightning storm our first night, torrential downpour included. We wound up camping a few towns north of Cinque Terre in Deiva Marina, a small town with a beautiful but rough beach. We loved our campsite for being out of the way, quiet and relatively in the woods.

Cinque Terre, or the five villages, is an 18 kilometer stretch of cliffside, coastal towns. These villages are sandwiched between endless vineyards and farms. With their pastel-esque color schemes, the little villages make for quite the photo-op spectacle. See for yourself.

We hiked the network of cliffside trails that connect the five towns. Even though the trails were busy, they were beautiful, strenuous and sketchy at times. Made for quite the adventure! We would walk the length of trail between two towns and then devote some time to exploring before moving on to the next. Our favorite of the towns was the southernmost, Riomaggiore. We returned  there yesterday to spend the day. We spent hours watching the waves crash over the rocks in the very mini marina. It was mesmerizing and we couldn't pull away. Due to a stretch of stormy weather, the waves were really churning and sprayed us pretty good a few times!

We stayed put for the afternoon, evening, dinner and the sunset to cap it all off. Dinner was homemade pasta with basic but oh-so-good tomato sauce and a marinara pizza. You better believe we devoured it all while we watched this..


Will and Katie

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