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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Garden Camping

We found our promising campsite in Selcuk. It was great, quirky as all get out, but great. It was run by a woman and a man, whose relationship we're not certain about. We think they were both Italian given that they only spoke Italian and Turkish and were eager to know if we spoke Italian. Spoiler alert: we don't. We were still able to communicate with some work and secure our two nights of camping. We also had access to laundry, showers, and a kitchen with a fridge. Not too shabby. Here's where it starts to get quirky. 
That is the entrance to the campsite. It's not great, but you might be able to make out that the sign says swimming pool. The swimming pool is empty. The sign also says something about a co-op and organic food sales from the farm; nowhere to be found. We're not complaining, but the pool would have made this place perfection during the 100 degree heat.

The place looked like it was a party in its hay-day, like it has a ton of retroactive potential. The only way we've been able to describe it is a compound. a deserted but quaint, and at times beautiful compound. There was also a hotel run in conjunction with the camping but it was totally vacant. The first night there were two other couples camping and the second night we had the whole place to ourselves.
Above is our tent site and the view from our tent. That castle was a wicked cool view, but we couldn't figure out what it was. It wasn't listed in our guide book and it didn't seem to be accessible from town. But, nonetheless we had a fantastic view of a big ole' castle to wake up to.

Above are some pictures of the confused  compound.

And last but not least some shots of the lime and pomegranate trees that lined Garden Camping.

It was good to have some solitude for a couple of nights, but we were ready to say "Ciao" to our Italian friends and to the cooky place that Garden Camping is.


Will and Katie 

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