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Monday, September 9, 2013

Paradise found

After an "exciting" day of travel involving lots of running and speed walking, we finally found our destination of Olympos Beach Camping. En route we both had our doubts about whether it existed, but it popped up out of nowhere and we were certain we had found paradise.

Olympos Beach Camping offers tent camping, bungalows and villas. It boasts a restaurant, a mini market, multiple bars and a beautiful resort-esque beach where there is wifi and bar service. While we were mere tent campers at the bottom of the food chain, we were just as welcome to the amenities as the villa stayers. The water was clear and refreshing and the views were mesmerizing. 

After an indulgent beach day, we ventured to the nearby village of Litohoro, about 5 kilometers away. This 5 kilometer stretch is the only thing that stands in between the beach and the base of Mt. Olympos and some of the largest mountains in Greece. Turn one way and you have a beautiful view of the sea, turn the other and the mountains are towering  over you. It's a very unique location.

We hiked through the village of Litohoro, which is so quaint it looks like it's been taken from a story book, and then the base of the mountains. We walked through a canyon that wound through the base of the mountains back to some alleged swimming holes. We did find the swimming holes, but we didn't find our way into the water. It had been fenced off due to low water levels, but where there was lack of swimming there were views to make up for it.

On our hike we also bumped into a trail marathon that finished in the town of Litohoro. As you can imagine we were psyched about that and cheered for runners who ran by! We also had the (unfortunate) opportunity to see helicopters going back and forth between the ocean and the mountains to scoop up water and drop it on a forest fire that was happening midway up the mountain. We got to see this from both the mountains (dropping water) and the beach (scooping water). No sign of helicopters or smoke today so we think they were able to put it out!

We're currently en route to Thessaloniki, a northern city in Greece. Expect more soon!


Will and Katie 

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